Source code for viam.components.component_base

import abc
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, ClassVar, List, Mapping, Optional, SupportsBytes, SupportsFloat, Union, cast

from typing_extensions import Self

from viam.resource.base import ResourceBase

    from viam.resource.types import Subtype
    from viam.robot.client import RobotClient

ValueTypes = Union[bool, SupportsBytes, SupportsFloat, List, Mapping, str, None]

[docs]class ComponentBase(abc.ABC, ResourceBase): """ Base component. All components must inherit from this class. """ SUBTYPE: ClassVar["Subtype"] def __init__(self, name: str): = name
[docs] @classmethod def from_robot(cls, robot: "RobotClient", name: str) -> Self: """Get the component named ``name`` from the provided robot. Args: robot (RobotClient): The robot name (str): The name of the component Returns: Self: The component, if it exists on the robot """ component = robot.get_component(cls.get_resource_name(name)) return cast(cls, component)
[docs] async def do_command(self, command: Mapping[str, ValueTypes], *, timeout: Optional[float] = None, **kwargs) -> Mapping[str, ValueTypes]: raise NotImplementedError()