Source code for viam.components.generic.generic

from typing import Final

from viam.resource.types import RESOURCE_NAMESPACE_RDK, RESOURCE_TYPE_COMPONENT, Subtype

from ..component_base import ComponentBase

[docs]class Generic(ComponentBase): """ Generic component, which represents any type of component that can executes arbitrary commands This acts as an abstract base class for any drivers representing generic components. This cannot be used on its own. If the ``__init__()`` function is overridden, it must call the ``super().__init__()`` function. To create a Generic component (an arbitrary component that can process commands), this ``Generic`` component should be subclassed and the ``do_command`` function implemented. :: from viam.components.generic import Generic Example:: class ComplexComponent(Generic): async def do_command( self, command: Mapping[str, ValueTypes], *, timeout: Optional[float] = None, **kwargs ) -> Mapping[str, ValueTypes]: result = {key: False for key in command.keys()} for (name, args) in command.items(): if name == 'on': self.on(*args) result[name] = True if name == 'set_frequency': self.set_frequency(*args) result[name] = True if name == 'get_frequency': result[name] = self.frequency if name == 'complex_command': self.complex_command(*args) result[name] = True return result def set_frequency(self, frequency: int): self.frequency = frequency def on(self, frequency: int, duration: int): self.frequency = frequency self.power = 1 task = threading.Timer(duration, task.start() def off(self): self.power = 0 def complex_command(self, arg1, arg2, arg3): ... To execute commands, simply call the ``do_command`` function with the appropriate parameters. :: await component.do_command({'on': [300, 10]}) component.power # 1 await asyncio.sleep(10) component.power # 0 For more information, see `Gantry component <>`_. """ SUBTYPE: Final = Subtype( # pyright: ignore [reportIncompatibleVariableOverride] RESOURCE_NAMESPACE_RDK, RESOURCE_TYPE_COMPONENT, "generic" )