Source code for viam.components.pose_tracker.pose_tracker

import abc
from typing import Any, Dict, Final, List, Mapping, Optional

from viam.proto.common import PoseInFrame
from viam.resource.types import RESOURCE_NAMESPACE_RDK, RESOURCE_TYPE_COMPONENT, Subtype

from ..component_base import ComponentBase

[docs]class PoseTracker(ComponentBase): """ PoseTracker represents a physical pose or motion tracking device. This acts as an abstract base class for any drivers representing specific pose tracker implementations. This cannot be used on its own. If the ``__init__()`` function is overridden, it must call the ``super().__init__()`` function. """ SUBTYPE: Final = Subtype(RESOURCE_NAMESPACE_RDK, RESOURCE_TYPE_COMPONENT, "pose_tracker")
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod async def get_poses( self, body_names: List[str], *, extra: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, timeout: Optional[float] = None, **kwargs, ) -> Dict[str, PoseInFrame]: """ Returns the current pose of each body tracked by the pose tracker. Args: body_names (List[str]): Names of the bodies whose poses are being requested. In the event this parameter is not supplied or is an empty list, all available poses are returned. """ ...