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from typing import Any, Final, List, Mapping, Optional

from grpclib.client import Channel

from viam.proto.common import DoCommandRequest, DoCommandResponse, ResourceName
from viam.proto.service.sensors import GetReadingsRequest, GetReadingsResponse, GetSensorsRequest, GetSensorsResponse, SensorsServiceStub
from viam.resource.rpc_client_base import ReconfigurableResourceRPCClientBase
from viam.resource.types import RESOURCE_NAMESPACE_RDK, RESOURCE_TYPE_SERVICE, Subtype
from import ServiceClientBase
from viam.utils import SensorReading, ValueTypes, dict_to_struct, sensor_readings_value_to_native, struct_to_dict

[docs]class SensorsClient(ServiceClientBase, ReconfigurableResourceRPCClientBase): """Connect to the SensorService, which centralizes all Sensors in a single place""" SUBTYPE: Final = Subtype( # pyright: ignore [reportIncompatibleVariableOverride] RESOURCE_NAMESPACE_RDK, RESOURCE_TYPE_SERVICE, "sensors" ) client: SensorsServiceStub def __init__(self, name: str, channel: Channel): super().__init__(name, channel) self.client = SensorsServiceStub(channel)
[docs] async def get_sensors(self, *, extra: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, timeout: Optional[float] = None) -> List[ResourceName]: """Get the ``ResourceName`` of all the ``Sensor`` resources connected to this Robot Returns: List[viam.proto.common.ResourceName]: The list of all Sensors """ if extra is None: extra = {} request = GetSensorsRequest(, extra=dict_to_struct(extra)) response: GetSensorsResponse = await self.client.GetSensors(request, timeout=timeout) return list(response.sensor_names)
[docs] async def get_readings( self, sensors: List[ResourceName], *, extra: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, timeout: Optional[float] = None ) -> Mapping[ResourceName, Mapping[str, SensorReading]]: """Get the readings from the specific sensors provided Args: sensors (List[viam.proto.common.ResourceName]): The ``ResourceName`` of the the ``Sensor`` resources to get readings from Returns: Mapping[viam.proto.common.ResourceName, Mapping[str, Any]]: The readings from the sensors, mapped by ``ResourceName`` """ if extra is None: extra = {} request = GetReadingsRequest(, sensor_names=sensors, extra=dict_to_struct(extra)) response: GetReadingsResponse = await self.client.GetReadings(request, timeout=timeout) return { sensor_readings_value_to_native(reading.readings) for reading in response.readings}
[docs] async def do_command(self, command: Mapping[str, ValueTypes], *, timeout: Optional[float] = None, **__) -> Mapping[str, ValueTypes]: """Send/receive arbitrary commands Args: command (Dict[str, ValueTypes]): The command to execute Returns: Dict[str, ValueTypes]: Result of the executed command """ request = DoCommandRequest(, command=dict_to_struct(command)) response: DoCommandResponse = await self.client.DoCommand(request, timeout=timeout) return struct_to_dict(response.result)